Assembling A Moxon Vise Kit

May 9, 2013 in Death to the Philistines!, DIY, Industrial

Any woodworker worth his or her salt knows how important vises are to the art of woodworking. (And yes, it is an art. If you disagree, clearly you’ve never done it.) An extremely useful, and therefore extremely popular, type of vise is the Moxon vise, which is commonly utilized in dovetailing and other joinery tasks.

You can go out and buy a Moxon vise, which seems a bit like cheating. You build one from scratch, which seems like it might be difficult without already having one available. Or, you can split the difference, as today’s Video Worthy video from shows, and buy a Moxon vise kit and assemble it yourself.

Whatever path you take to adding a Moxon vise to your woodworking shop, remember to be careful. Woodwork is a lot easier with all ten fingers!

Artistic crossfade!

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