How to Make Balloon Chocolate Bowls

April 29, 2014 in DIY

From Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!! comes this quick and easy tutorial on making chocolate bowls with balloons. Why make chocolate bowls, you ask? Well, why the heck not?!?

DO NOT attempt this with water balloons. Found that one out the hard way.

DIY Guitar Fuzz Pedal

April 2, 2014 in DIY, Music

I’m sure we can all agree that every guitar riff in history sounds better with a little fuzz on it.* With that in mind, we bring you DIY tutorial on building your very own guitar fuzz pedal, courtesy of chromespherecom. All it takes is a few (relatively) simple components, some electrical and soldering know-how, and a little bit of elbow grease–no problemo! And, according to the video, the whole mess will cost just a few bucks. How great is that?

* If you disagree, this post is clearly not for you. Go watch another clip–we’ve got plenty!

We’re not saying this is easy, but it’s certainly not that difficult, either.

It’s Yard Sale Season!

March 26, 2014 in DIY

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to gear up for perhaps the most magical time of year: Yard Sale Season! Call ’em garage sales, rummage sales, lawn sales, whatever–they’re a great venue for folks to sell their old unwanted junk perfectly good, gently used items, but, more importantly, yard sales present the opportunity for savvy shoppers to find hidden treasures!

However, if you’re planning your own garage sale this spring or summer, please do your customers a favor: use the proper equipment to mark your prices, like tag attachers from Avery Dennison. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to find a potentially amazing, genuine ’90s Hypercolor sweater at a rummage sale for just $1.00 only to find that the seller has pinned a huge price tag on it, putting a hole in the fabric and thereby ruining it.

This Video Worthy video, from Ivy Gu, shows how to be a responsible garage sale proprietor. It’s more than worth the trouble to do your price tagging right–everybody knows you can get at least $10.00 for a non-destroyed Hypercolor shirt these days!

This is all it would have taken to send me home not sad last spring, 600 block of Browning Blvd.

DIY Metal Etching

March 18, 2014 in DIY, Industrial

From minimalistsurvival comes this fast and easy tutorial on do it yourself metal etching. All it takes is a few simple implements that you probably already have around the house, and one that maybe you don’t. It really is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, so take a gander, then give it a try yourself. DIY FTW!

Definitely do not insert this Q-tip into your ear canal.

DIY: Trinity Tie Knot

January 22, 2014 in Amazing!, DIY

Howdy, gents! Looking to add an extra dash of style to your suit and tie game? Then check out this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to tie yourself a Trinity tie knot. Thanks to Youtique Bridal for the source post.

If you get this SOB right on the first try, I’ll give you a dollar.

DIY Paintball Sniper Rifle

December 11, 2013 in DIY, It's Science!, Stupidity in Action

So here’s a terrible idea, gang! Take a gander at today’s Video Worthy video, courtesy of Rat Rage, for a prime example of how to DIY your very own single shot paintball sniper rifle. (Actually, maybe take a gander and a few notes. It seems like you could probably learn something here.)

Now, we’d certainly never suggest building one of these SOBs for yourself, but c’mon. It doesn’t look that hard… it appears that all one needs is some PVC pipe, a pressure vessel, it’s likely there are quick exhaust valves involved, a few more ancillary components… Just sayin’, is all. Doesn’t lookthathard…

Ye gods. It’s like an out-of-focus, handheld Death Star.


Tim Cannon: DIY Cyborg

December 3, 2013 in Amazing!, DIY, It's Science!, Stupidity in Action

“Biohacking” should probably not be a real thing, but here it is. Courtesy of  MotherboardTV, Video Worthy brings you this brief profile on “DIY cyborg” Tim Cannon. The idea Cannon presents here might be the best or the worst I’ve ever heard–it could really go either way. Why not watch and decide for yourself? Enjoy!

“No signal? $#!t.”

Wetsuit Leak Test: The “Doughboy/Michelin Man” Test

November 29, 2013 in DIY, Promotional, We Like Sportz

Who’s up for a little DIY wet suit leak testing? The end of November might not seem an odd time to do such a thing, but it might actually be thebest time to test your wet suit. A lot of folks have probably called it a season on water sports for the year, so you’re packing up your suit anyhow. If you test it before you store  it away, you won’t have to worry about it when next season comes around. You can just throw that sucker on and get back in the water, already knowing it won’t leak. Ingenious (kind of ) time saver, no?

This helpful video, from DOGTV/DUI Drysuits, shows how to use the aptly named “Pillsbury Doughboy/Michelin Man” test to check the seams of your wet suit (or drysuit, whatevs). Leak testing has never looked so fun!

He’s smiling because he successfully inflated the drysuit with his own flatulence.

Turkey Calling Tips with Scott Ellis

November 22, 2013 in Amazing!, Animals, DIY, Holidaze

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so hopefully you’ve got your turkey already. If not, you’re in luck! Today, Video Worthy brings you turkey calling tips from the 2013 Grand National Head to Head Turkey Calling Champion himself, Scott Ellis. With these helpful hints (and the proper equipment) you can go out and hunt your own turkey for your Thanksgiving feast, just like the mighty Pilgrims of olde. Or, you could befriend the critter instead and hang out and watch football together, which would also be pretty cool.

More like “Squat Ellis,” amirite?

DIY Origami Modular Dollar Star

November 6, 2013 in Death to the Philistines!, DIY

If you’re not down with origami, we are not friends. Check out this DIY clip, from Fold Something, and learn to make yourself a 5- or 6-pointed origami star out of dollar bills. They don’t call it “foldin’ money” for nothing!

Don’t act like your not impressed.

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